Ayr Gaiety Theatre to re-open!

December Panto will herald new era Ayr’s Gaiety theatre is to re-open in December 2012 with a pantomime production of Cinderella, produced by Michael Courtney and starring Gary Lamont with Leah MacRae. The Ayr Gaiety Partnership, which took over the running of the 584-seat theatre after it went dark in January 2009 for health and safety reasons, sees this as the first step towards turning the venue into a new hub for arts and culture in South Ayrshire. Vince Hope, AGP’s development manager, said: “The main event to open the theatre officially will be the performance of Cinderella on December 14, 2012. In the background, there will be a couple of preliminary soft events to help test systems, staffing and equipment. The studio theatre will be open from October for smaller scale events, acoustic performances and so on.”  Full story on The Stage