Ayrshire Tourism Industry Group

BTS Consultants were appointed by the Councils to help form an Ayrshire Tourism Industry Group and establish its relationship with local authorities and their tourism responsibilities. As a result of this consultation 4 subgroups were derived to drive the initiative forward.

1. ATIG Organisation: - Champion, David Mann, (dam@scotmaritime.org.uk ). To review the legal, financial, governance, operational systems, administrative capacity and identify human resource needed to set up the ATIG as an organisation.

2. Strategic:- Champion, Linda Johnston (ljohnston@auchrannie.co.uk ). Working in partnership with the local authorities, identify the key strategic opportunities and challenges for Ayrshire, agree the strategic direction and align the destination priorities with tourism 2020 i.e. complete an Ayrshire Tourism “rocket”. 

3. Branding and Marketing – Champion, Siobhan Liddington (siobhan@glenappcastle.com). Working with the local authorities contribute to the development of tourism destination brand for Ayrshire, prepare a tourism communications and marketing strategy (including digital) / plan for Ayrshire, identify new product development opportunities and explore opportunities for Ayrshire from Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

4. Skills – Champion, Moira Birtwistle (moira.birtwistle@ayrshire.ac.uk). To identify the sectors tourism skills requirements feeding into Ayrshire college courses and to identify opportunities for sector support in skills development and training

ABBA have pledged £1,000 to this Industry tourism initiative and Cordelia Galley of Balkissock Lodge will be representing ABBA within the Branding and Marketing Group and will keep us updated of progress.