Fife Yachts Regatta

Fife Yachts return to their home Fife Yachts are world famous and were all built at Fairlie near Largs. Every 5 years since 1998, a regatta has been held there, with Fife Yachts being invited to take part. It is a fantastic sight to see these fine craft, of different sizes, competing on the Clyde. This invitation only event welcomes the famous Fife Yachts to return to their birthplace on the Clyde and to participate in a unique regatta. The scenery around Largs and Fairlie is spectacular, especially when viewed from the water. There are lots of things to do around the town, and the excellent Scotts Marina restaurant is open to the public. Official Website Come along and view these boats and spend some time in the local area. Check availability in the local B&Bs from the ABBA site