Social Media Training Seminars August 2015

[caption id="attachment_1082" align="alignleft" width="200"] Gary Ennis[/caption] ABBA are running two afternoon sessions on 5 and 18 August 2015, which will be completely free of charge to members. They will be held at Robert Burns Museum, Alloway. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear the well-known expert, Gary Ennis from NS Design. Gary has delivered many workshops, particularly his acclaimed "Embrace the Space" to over 3000 businesses. The cost is typically around £400 per person, but ABBA have negotiated a private workshop for members only and are financing it themselves. It is so important to understand website and social media marketing for B&Bs these days, and this will give members a real advantage over other B&B owners. Session 1 - Wednesday 5 August 2015 1pm till 5pm A look at how Google impacts business websites.  We will cover SEO, and examine how things like Google+ and Blogging impact your results.  We'll also ensure that the importance of "mobile" is understood. Session 2 - Tuesday 18 August 2015 1pm - 5pm Social Media.  A quick overview of the basics, but then moving onto practical advice using Hootsuite - how to manage multiple platforms, how to increase Facebook reach, Paid Advertising (how to make it work), and more. Clearly demand will be high and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you have not yet reserved your place, email Charlie Steele as soon as possible to add your name. You may request up to two people to attend, the second person being accepted only if there are places available. Also open to Associate members! Tea and coffee will be provided.