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Why is UAE called Gulf country?

Why is UAE called Gulf country?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country located in the Arabian Peninsula. It is often referred to as a Gulf country due to its geographical location along the Arabian Gulf, also known as the Persian Gulf.

Geographical Location

The UAE is situated in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula and shares its borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia. However, what sets the UAE apart is its extensive coastline along the Arabian Gulf.

Importance of the Arabian Gulf

The Arabian Gulf holds significant strategic and economic importance. It is surrounded by oil-rich countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE. These countries collectively account for a substantial portion of the world’s oil reserves.

The UAE, in particular, has benefited greatly from its location on the Arabian Gulf. It has developed its economy based on oil production and trade, making it one of the wealthiest countries in the region.

Historical Context

The term “Gulf country” emerged during the formation of the UAE as a federation of seven emirates in 1971. The media and diplomatic communities began using this term to refer to the UAE and other countries in the region due to their shared border with the Arabian Gulf.

The designation of the UAE as a Gulf country has persisted over the years and has become widely accepted in both official and informal contexts.

Why is UAE called Gulf country?

Regional Identity

Being referred to as a Gulf country carries a sense of regional identity and pride among the people of the UAE. It highlights their cultural heritage and connection to the surrounding Gulf states.

The shared identity fosters a sense of unity and cooperation among Gulf countries, leading to collaborations in various fields such as trade, tourism, and politics.

The UAE is called a Gulf country due to its geographical location along the Arabian Gulf. This designation emphasizes its connection to other oil-rich countries in the region and highlights its historical, cultural, and economic ties with the Gulf states.

The term “Gulf country” has become a significant aspect of the UAE’s regional identity and plays a crucial role in shaping its relations with neighboring nations.

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